Research Facilities

Cognitive Neuroscience

The Centre is equipped with electroencephalogram (EEG) system for analysis of electrical activity in the brain. Other system likes Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are also available, hosted at PGIMER. 


Neuroscience research lab is a functional cell and molecular biology lab that focuses on cell survival mechanisms using invitro, invivo, alternative and Neuro Behavioral approaches. It has been in involved in the discovery of various bio markers for Neuro degenerative disorders . Other research projects range from analyzing the role of genetic and other risk factors that modify ALS and AMD to screening of novel drugs and Yoga modules for memory enhancement and wellness.

Visual Cognition

The Centre is equipped with eye tracking device and relevant software packages.

Computational Facility

Latest computers, powerful servers and relevant software packages like MATLAB, SPSS, E-Prime etc. are available for research.


Mobile EEG and Virtual Reality head-sets are available for research in Neuromarketing.


The Centre is equipped with more than twenty of neuropsychological assessment tools for measurement of  Intelligence, Memory, Language, Executive function and various batteries.


The Centre is equipped with hundreds of psychometric assessment tools. 


The Centre is equipped with more than fifty psychophysical assessment tools, programmed by the faculty members.


The Centre has relevant psycholinguistics experiments. 

Experimental Philosophy

The Centre is equipped with various intuition probing tools for research in experimental philosophy.