Projects of Faculty Members

1. A Study to Assess the Efficacy of Logic-Based Therapy in Clinical and non-clinical population

2. Geography of Philosophy : A Cross-cultural study 

3. Impact of yoga and cognitive social moderators on stress and quality of life in Covid-19 essential service providers.

4. Assessment of Philosophical positions of professional philosophers of India: A study in experimental philosophy.

5. The role of Yogic breathing techniques among quarantined HCWs, COVID-19 positive and COVID 19 convalescent patients: A randomized clinical trial.

6. Role of Diabetic Yoga Protocol in Biochemical and Molecular Profile of Pre-Diabetic Population.

7. Comprehensive analysis and statistical modeling candidate genes and biomarkers in age related macular degeneration in North-west Indian cohort and their clinical correlation.

8. Investigating stem cell related markers and their neuro-cognitive correlation after practice of common AYUSH yoga protocol

9. Investigating the molecular mechanism governing reversal of Amyloid β induced memory loss in mice by transplantation of human umbilical cord blood derived lineage negative stem cells

10. Comparative analysis of the efficacy of human umbilical cord blood derived lineage negative stem cells and human fetal pigmented ciliary epithelium derived neurospheres in laser injured mouse retina model

11.Nanodelivery of Bacopa monnieri to examine the alleviation of artificially induced Amnesia

12. Study of molecular and genetic basis of traditional cognition enhancing drugs

13. Assessment of marrow derived stem cell implantation in experimentally induced brain stroke mouse model.

14. Effect of Meditation practices on Attention

15. Virtual Online Learning System: Assessment of Cognitive variables